What is Fasting All About?

Fasting is an ancient spiritual discipline in which an individual denies themselves of food in order to draw closer to God. Here’s how it works:
There are different types of fasts.* Determine the type of fast that is appropriate for you.

  • A pure fast is not taking in any food or water. This is dangerous to the physical body and should not be considered without consulting your physician.
  • A water only fast. This should be done for short durations.
  • A liquid only fast. This fast is done with water and fruit juices.
  • A Daniel fast. This fast can be found in Daniel 1:8-16. This is a modified form of fasting and is the most popular. Eating is permitted but is very restricted. Because of its popularity there is a lot of information available on the internet. Just google “Daniel fast.”

    The most important thing to remember about fasting is that if it doesn’t cost you something (in self-denial) and if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it won’t mean anything to God. There must be an alteration of some kind in our lifestyles during a fast. Fasting is denying ourselves the pleasures of food so that we may focus more intently on God. Therefore, it is imperative that we take the time we would normally spend on preparing meals and eating them to rather spend time with God in prayer and also reading the Bible. The more time you can spend in prayer and Bible reading, the more you will benefit from the fast.

    Sin entered the human race through disobeying God by eating of the fruit in the Garden of Eden. It makes sense then that fasting is denying that original gateway through which sin entered the world and choosing to obey God instead.

    *If you have any medical conditions at all please consult with your physician before attempting a fast.